Imagine having a
doctor come to your home.*

No waiting room and an hour spent with a professional health care provider.

Watch a sample assessment in action.

*MedXM partners with licensed health care professionals including Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants.

Say Hello To A Healthier Life

When you welcome a MedXM licensed health care professional into your home, you open the door to an experienced practitioner who’s dedicated to assuring you the best in care, coordination, and prevention available.

Within an hour’s time, with no co-payment whatsoever, you get a 360-degree view of your health, and the individual attention you deserve.

Why should I do this?

First, you should know, there’s no added expense for including MedXM in your circle of care. It’s a benefit that’s already available to you through your health plan. One of the most revolutionary – new advancements in health care delivery is the addition of highly skilled health care providers who will visit you at home to assure you’re getting the best care available.

What good will it do?

MedXM is the link that completes your circle of care. We coordinate with your physician and health plan so you may learn more about your health and what changes you can make to improve it. MedXM helps with early detection of possible illness, connects you with programs like smoking cessation or physical fitness, and makes sure that everyone who serves your health needs is aware of your needs.

We’re Working to Make Care More Convenient and Accessible

We Want To Get To Know You

Friendliness. Professionalism. Experience.Answers.Compassion. Understanding.


Picture health care professionals who come to you, according to your schedule,
and give you one-on-one attention and knowledgeable answers.

That’s exactly what happens when a MedXM health care professional comes to visit.
You can include family members or caregivers in the visit so they fully understand your health picture.

What happens during the visit?

The visit is very simple for you to prepare for:

  1. Please have your insurance card ready. MedXM would like to confirm your information.
  2. Please have all prescriptions, medicines, and supplements you are taking readily available for review. It’s that simple.
    • You get to know us and we get to know you, from your health history to your current concerns and goals.
    • We review all of your medications, including over-the-counter drugs and supplements.
    • Perform a physical exam and mental health assessment.
    • We advise of recommendations to speak with your PCP about how to improve your overall health.
    • Perform any vaccinations or lab work that you are eligible for
    • You also find out how to tap into community services, programs and resources that are available to you.
With the utmost in security and confidentiality, MedXM shares your information with your primary care providers and your health plan. Every link in your circle of care is then connected, focusing on you and your well-being.
No! The results of your at home health visit actually helps to make your benefits more effective for your individual needs. There’s no change to premiums; the visit is already covered; it’s a win-win for you every step of the way.
“I have been retired for two years and this past year (2014) participated in this program for the first time.  This was the result of being covered by my Anthem BCBS Senior Advantage Plan as a supplement to Medicare.  I simply wanted to let you know my experience with this home visit was positive and I look forward to another visit this year as well.  The doctor that visited me was very pleasant, thorough, and answered all questions I had.  I expect to be even “better prepared” on the next visit with medical questions & concerns. Again… Thank you!
Anthem BCBS Member, 2014