Santa Ana, California: MedXM, leading provider of in-home assessments and care management, announces their expansion into a neighboring office space to house additional Member Outreach Centers. This new space represents the third time in three years that MedXM has expanded outside of its headquarters. The company has experienced tremendous growth for the past few years and expects this trend to continue.

The expansion helps house MedXM’s growing needs. The company is currently hiring 30 new employees per week to exceed client’s expectations. Each new employee will help reinforce MedXM’s mission of providing outstanding customer service while promoting education, prevention, and early detection.

“While we continue with MedXM’s mission to look after our client’s members, we will strive to look after our employees who make this company’s success possible,” says MedXM CEO Sy Zahedi, “Our family is expanding and I am excited to see all the great work we will accomplish.”

With the continued expansion of MedXM’s Member Outreach Center, the ability to provide quality face to face encounters between members and physicians will be bolstered into the ever changing healthcare landscape.

About MedXM: Since 1990, MedXM has been a national leader in the design and implementation of preventative care technology and in-home health risk assessments for the purpose of care management. MedXM offers a complete network of connections between members, their health plan, and providers. MedXM is focused on delivering Risk Adjustment and Quality Solutions by providing clients with fully customizable options to fulfill specific needs.

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