Santa Ana, California: Effective April 21st, 2015, MedXM is pleased to appoint Ruth Hernandez as the new Director of Customer Service. Ruth is an integral part of MedXM’s unceasing commitment to provide the highest quality customer service to our valued health plan partners members.

Ruth has extensive call center management experience and brings a plethora of customer service knowledge to the MedXM Outreach Center. Before her arrival at MedXM, Ruth was able to lead and launch the implementation, training, and performance of multiple call centers across the country. Due to her history as a Customer Care Manager, Ruth stated, “I am excited for the opportunity to be proactive in members’ care and create a positive influence to help them be and stay healthy. I look forward to bringing my experience and knowledge of the healthcare industry into Managed Care to help deliver quality and meaningful service to our health plan client members.”


As the Director of Customer Service, Ruth and her team:

  • Manage and direct all aspects of the MedXM Outreach Center operations to ensure high quality performance

  • Direct Customer Care Coordinators on how to engage and educate health plan members

  • Ensures all project outcomes are delivered timely and consistently with quality and proficiency

  • Determines call center operational strategies to guarantee MedXM’s success

MedXM President and CEO, Sy Zahedi, claimed, “Ruth’s experience in healthcare and customer service make her the perfect Customer Service Director for MedXM. She is a crucial piece in our guarantee of excellent member outreach and care.”

About MedXM: Since 1990, MedXM has been a national leader in the design and implementation of preventative care technology and in-home health risk assessments for the purpose of care management. MedXM offers a complete network of connections between members, their health plan, and providers. MedXM is focused on delivering Risk Adjustment and Quality Solutions by providing clients with fully customizable options to fulfill specific needs.