Santa Ana, California: As of April 21st, 2015, Krista Stone RN has fulfilled the role of Provider Trainer for MedXM. Stone is an integral part of

Krista StoneMedXM’s unceasing commitment to bring quality and clinical professionals to the company.

Krista has been a trained RN working in the Long Beach Memorial Trauma Center and Emergency Room for the last 10 years. Before starting her career, Krista received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from California State University, Fullerton and her Registered Nurse certification from the College of the Sequoias. Due to her history as an RN, Krista stated, “I have a connection to these providers that others may not have. It inspires a lot of confidence in new providers that do not have much training in MedXM’s services.”

As the head Provider Trainer, Krista and her team:

  • Establish daily contact between new and existing providers, introduce them to MedXM’s solutions and expectations;
  • Direct providers on how to operate MedXM’s extensive technology and equipment;
  • Triage case management opportunities and directing referrals from the field to primary care physicians;
  • Address the concerns of MedXM’s providers and client population.

MedXM President and CEO, Sy Zahedi, claimed, “Krista’s dedication to people and quality health measures makes her a perfect fit here at MedXM. She is a crucial piece in our guarantee of excellent care.”

About MedXM: Since 1990, MedXM has been a national leader in the design and implementation of preventative care technology and in-home health risk assessments for the purpose of care management. MedXM offers a complete network of connections between members, their health plan, and providers. MedXM is focused on delivering Risk Adjustment and Quality Solutions by providing clients with fully customizable options to fulfill specific needs.