About Us

MedXM works with health plans to create an effective approach to engage and connect with members.

As a national leader in the design and implementation of preventive care technology and health risk assessments, MedXM has successfully focused their sights on Risk Adjustment and Quality Solutions by providing fully customizable options to fulfill specific client needs.

MedXM Mission

Since 1990, MedXM’s mission has been to improve quality of care and increase member satisfaction for all health plan clients through education, behavior modification, and early detection.

We have built a vast network of Medical Professionals throughout the USA equipped with the latest medical devices and diagnostic equipment. From the start, our growth has been fueled by an insistence on quality and service.

How It Works

MedXM customizes services based on client needs. Projects with MedXM have been proven to increase revenue, close care gaps, grow membership, and increase member satisfaction. MedXM’s range of services include comprehensive health risk assessments, post hospital discharge visits, osteoporosis screenings, labs, ancillary services, identification of invalid data, and other data analytics.

MedXM gives members a chance to meet with a medical professional, in a choice of several locations, for one-on-one attention and knowledgeable answers.

In the Home
In a Retail Clinic
In a PCP or SNF

Our Leaders

Sy Zahedi
Vice Preseident of Extended Care

Sy Zahedi is a seasoned entrepreneur and expert in expanding distribution channels. His 27 years of executive experience in the medical industry and government programs, combined with an eye on advanced technology innovation, gives him the necessary insight to develop preventive care programs across the nation. As Chief Executive Officer of MedXM, Sy is responsible for the company’s vision. His passion on patient education and prevention leads to better outcomes for MedXM’s clients.


Ahmed Ghoneim
Chief Information Officer
Ahmed Ghoneim has over 20 years of experience in IT solutions. With it he brings solutions, implementation and management to the entire department. Ahmed is responsible for secure and compliant infrastructure and oversees all information influx of client data. Ahmed and his development team continuously work to improve MedXM’s systems and to develop new softwares to address client needs.
Shawheen Moridi

Shawheen Moridi serves as MedXM’s General Counsel and is responsible for all of the Company’s legal, regulatory compliance, tax, and human resource matters. Mr. Moridi brings a varied background in law, finance, and tax. Prior to joining MedXM, he served as Golden Rhyton’s General Counsel. Earlier in his career Mr. Moridi was an associate at Ernst & Young where he specialized in transactions, tax controversy, and private equity.

He currently serves as an Adjunct Professor of Business and Business Law. Mr. Moridi holds a Bachelor in Business Economics with honors from UCLA, Master in Business Taxation from USC Marshall, and Juris Doctorate from USC Gould School of Law where he was part of the Hale Honors Moot Court.


Everything Handled In House

MedXM, located in Santa Ana, CA is all housed under one roof. Our leadership, client management, IT, sales, recruiting, credentialing, call center, data processing, coding, QC, billing and claims are all available in one place.